Mary is phenomenal to work with! As an active person who already eats very well, I was stumped by an ongoing lack of energy. Through a series of thorough questions, Mary quickly discovered some key points that led her to make a short list of recommendations that changed how I was feeling almost immediately. She continued to follow up regularly to see how I was feeling and check if anything needed adjustment. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and I would absolutely work with her again. 

~ Emma

Mary is a never-ending well of knowledge.  She always has effective remedy ideas for any issue, no matter how large or small.  Her approach encompasses the whole body and mind, truly helping on multiple levels all at once.  One of my favorite characteristics of Mary is her ability to make me feel more hopeful and relieved about any problem I am facing.  Her energy is both optimistic and calming.  No matter how freaked out I am about something going on with my health, she has a way of making me feel calmer, which makes her remedies all the more effective – when you take the angst out of it.  Regardless of how challenging or complex your issues may be, Mary will be full of helpful ideas, encouragement and reassurance.

~ Katrina

When I first came in to see Mary, I needed help repairing my colon from having had taken too harsh of a supplement over an extensive period of time. I had problems absorbing nutrients, and I didn’t know the step by step process for repairing my digestive track. I learned through Mary that there was a multilayered approach, each week being different in terms of my body’s needs for repairing itself.  She taught me how to precisely track my body’s symptoms so that I could make good choices in my day-to-day diet with food and supplements.  Mary is incredibly educated in her field, intuitive, psychic, compassionate, and  attentive.  I am very very grateful for her and that she has helped me heal my colon back to perfect health. 

~ J Frazin