The Ties That Bind

Ego reigns high.
I watch small people play God.
They lay concrete highways of sand beneath our feet
Singing silent melodies of victory in our ears
Remind me to never think I know,
Those who know, shred paper houses with real tears.

“Allow them to reject you she said.
Their world is monochromatic, and you…
You inhale the elements from interdimensional air.
They lace harnesses of wind around your ankles
Whispering tales about how they are made of gold.

Be fooled no longer though, my dear
Because you are a Dragon Queen,
While captive bound and iron clad
Your jailor is your own mind.
The key that holds the ties that bind….
Lays resting, ready, beating from within”

Ego reigns high.
I step back in order to watch God’s game unfold.

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