The idea for Cultivating Sunshine came to me many years ago. I was sitting with a mentor and he told me that the ideal name for a business was something that captures your overall mission in life. Not just what you see a product or a service being, but who you are.

I spent another couple of years contemplating this. And then one day it struck me so vividly – I want to Cultivate Sunshine.

Cultivate means to nurture, to apply tender loving care to the process of raising and growing something. Sunshine. The word “Sunshine” holds many meanings for me. Love. Happiness. Possibilities. Hope.

When I was a girl child, naturally I had fantasies of having my very own horse. I had a dream one night that I had been gifted a horse. She had a blanket on her that said “Sunshine.” Shortly after, my grandfather gave me a horse. I already knew her name.

Sunshine was one of the greatest loves of my life. And that word means even so much more to me. It is fabricated into my being. The meaning woven through every thread of who I am.

We are damaged, we are flawed, we are cracked. It is through our cracks that Sunshine flows. Sunshine is the light of our spirits. Society teaches us to hide who we really are. Protect ourselves so that others are not able to hurt that most tender essence of who we are.

I’m not religious anymore. But, there is that children’s bible song about letting our “little light shine.” I always loved that song.

At its core, Cultivating Sunshine is a mission to encourage all of us to let our light shine. Even more than ever, I firmly believe that we must let our inside selves out into the world. We need to connect with one another. We need to know that we are not alone in the challenges we experience.

Whatever your challenges are, let’s talk about them! I’ll share stories about my own health journey. Much of my content will focus on nutrition, supplementation and herbal remedies because I have found great relief from various ailments through exploring these avenues. The healing that a body can experience through proper nourishment never ceases to amaze me. This might be physical nourishment, mental nourishment or emotional nourishment. They all carry equal weight and can influence one another.

You will find many poems and musings in my blog as well. Expressing myself through writing has been an extremely healing hobby for me through the years. Whenever I find myself bogged down by emotions that I can’t quite understand, I write. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so!

I don’t know where this journey is leading. I don’t know what this mission will or will not become. But I am willing to put myself out there because I hear your voice. Even though I don’t know you. I hear you, you are not alone, and I believe in the ability of your body, mind and spirit to heal.

Let Your Light Shine!